Assessment Submission Guide

Assessment Submission Guide



Assignment 5

IMG_0666The brief for this final assignment is to create a series of paintings on a theme.

Reviewing my work so far and reflecting on what I have enjoyed and what has been successful I definitely feel I have made progress in the latter stages of the course and that I have produced more consistently successful work in Section 4 Looking Out especially when using the acrylic inks.   Based on this and also my tutor feedback,  I decided to revisit the theme of “Tall Trees” for this assignment.   

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Inventing Impressionism, National Gallery

This exhibition was an excellent opportunity to see a wide range of works from the Impressionists.   Presented chronologically, the theme of the exhibition centred around the significant role that Parisian art dealer Paul Durand-Rue played in establishing Impressionism as an art movement and bringing the Impressionists to prominence not only in Europe but also the USA.  Continue reading