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Project: Working on different grounds. Exercise: Tonal study on a dark ground

20131210-175150.jpgFor this exercise firstly I decided to try out a tonal study on a mid-coloured ground using the still life set-up from the previous exercise.  I used a dilute mix of Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Green Deep acrylic paint to create a neutral mid-tone.  I painted this as the background and, once dry, painted in the highlights using Titanium White and the dark tones using a stronger mix of the Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Green. This is the result:- Continue reading

Research point: Chiaroscuro

20131218-130459.jpg The Italian term ‘chiaroscuro’ literally translates as ‘light dark’ and is used to describe the technique of using light and dark tones to describe form – primarily in figure painting.  There is some evidence to suggest it was used in ancient Greek and Roman art but widespread usage began during the late 15th century.  In its most extreme and dramatic form it is known as ‘tenebrismo’. Continue reading

Project: Working on different grounds. Exercise: Tonal study on white ground

20131210-175059.jpgThe exercise asks us to set up a simple still life using plain or unpatterned objects and observe the tonal differences – make a series of tonal studies using monochrome media and then make a tonal painting.  I chose a small jug, an asymmetrical bowl and an apple.  Continue reading