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Project: Basic paint application. Exercise: Painting with pastels

20131018-172049.jpgFor this exercise I used Daler Rowney square pastels which are somewhere between hard and soft and some Schmincke pastels which are soft and come in an array of beautiful, saturated colours.  They are wonderful for great sweeps of colour and you can get some finer detail too by using the edges but they are difficult to control and crumble very easily. I tried out painterly ways of using the pastels – smudging, blending, scumbling one colour on top of another and combining colours by making small pointillist style marks. Continue reading

Project: Basic paint application. Exercise: Applying paint without brushes

What fun!  I had a rummage around the garage and kitchen drawers to find some interesting implements to try.  As the exercise suggested, I found using oils were better for applying layers of paint as the acrylics dried too quickly.  I experimented with applying paint using different items and also pressing various textured surfaces into paint.  Here are some of my results:-


Rubber ‘comb’ using oil paint

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Project: Basic paint application. Exercise: Getting to know your brushes

I experimented with a range of brushes of varying sizes including:- rounds, flats, filberts, a long thin rigger brush and a fan brush. The brushes were made from both synthetic and natural hair. I had both soft brushes used for watery acrylics and watercolour paints and stiffer ones for use with oils and acrylics. I used acrylic paint and experimented mixing it to varying consistencies ranging from very watery to straight from the tube.

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