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Project: Transparent and opaque. Exercise: Opaque colour mixing

For this exercise we are asked to use the same colours as in the previous transparent wash exercises and this time attempt to recreate the shades by gradually lightening the colour using white. Compare the opaque mix to the transparent wash.  Continue reading

Project: Transparent and Opaque. Exercise: Overlaying washes

20131025-151202.jpgFollowing on from the previous exercise, I made up the same mix of Pyrrole Orange and overlaid it on a dry Crimson wash.  It is difficult to see in the photos but it is subtly different to the previous wet-in-wet washes. Continue reading

Project: Transparent and opaque. Exercise: Tonally graded wash

20131022-165748.jpgI decided to use acrylic paints for this exercise.  I first tried out some washes using Crimson on acrylic paper.  The paper was quite smooth with a linen finish.  I used my biggest flat brush which is about 3 cm wide and I tilted the paper on a board towards me slightly to encourage the wash to run downwards.   Continue reading