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Project: Understanding colour. Exercise: Complementary colours

20140215-153624.jpgThe brief for this exercise is firstly to mix the colours from Chevreul’s colour circle to make a 12 part colour wheel – starting with primary red continuing with red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, blue-purple, purple and purple-red.  I had several goes at this I found it quite difficult to get the colours right in relation to each other – for example I think my primary red may be a little too pinkish and the blue-purple could have more red in it – but I must move on!

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Project: Understanding colour. Exercise: Broken or tertiary colours

20140214-185257.jpgIn this exercise we are asked to make scales of complementary colours and to maintain a consistent tonal value by adding white.  The mid-point of these scales result in the broken or tertiary colours of natural greys and browns.  I experimented using both secondary colours I had mixed myself and ready-made colours:-

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Project: Understanding colour. Exercise: Primary and secondary colour mixing

20140214-150905.jpgThis exercise asks us to prepare a neutral grey ground and begin by identifying the primary colours by selecting all the yellows and laying them next to each other on the ground , noting the difference in hue (colour), chroma (intensity of colour) and tone (how light or dark it is) and identify the most intense yellow.  Repeat for the blues and reds. Continue reading

Project: Understanding colour. Exercise: Mixing greys – anachromatic scale

20140210-175349.jpgAs the exercise requested I have mixed tones in an anchromatic scale (i.e. it has no colour) from white to black.  NB All my colour mixing exercises are painted from right to left – being left-handed I find it easier that way! Continue reading